Pet Doors For Dogs

If you own a dog then you will want them to be kept fit and healthy and this will involve them going outside. If you cannot always be there to let your dog outside then you may consider having pet doors for dogs installed. There are several different designs to choose from and you need to think about where you want it fitted. You also have to consider the size of your dog and what your budget is, as some of the doors can cost quite a bit. Dog doors are a fantastic idea to give your dog added freedom and let him out and then return to the house when ready.

You can have the dog doors which lead out into your garden from an external wall which is great, but you need to be careful where the electrical wires and plumbing is. You really do not want to start to cut a hole in the wall for your pet doors for dogs and hit a water pipe. This mistake can cost you a lot of money and work that you cannot afford to have. By placing the dog door in the wall you do not need to worry about replacing the door if things go wrong.

If you are having the pet doors for dogs fitted into the wall then you should buy a dual one which will fit perfectly into the wall as they are thicker. This style of dog doors can be shut and locked when not in use and overnight and your dog will wear a transmitter on their collar so only they can open it. Ensure that when you fit it though that it is flush with the floor as if you have a smaller dog the sensor will not work properly.

You may want to have your pet doors for dogs placed in the glass doors of your patio doors and this will involve taking out the whole pane. This style may suit you more as they can be temporary and removed easily. You can fit them yourself with no real skills and they are ideal for all size of dogs. They can also be locked and are only used with a specific type of collar which makes them safe and secure to have. You can get dog doors from many different pet stores and if you are in doubt of how to fit them then you can ask for a professional to fit them for you.

When deciding which pet doors for dogs to buy, you have to consider the size of your dog and if he is likely to grow any more. You should measure your dog from its feet up to the top of its head and then get a door where they can fit through will out any problems. You also need to think about if your patio doors are strong enough to take the dog doors. If not, then a wall one will be better for you. Whichever one you decide on, your dogs will love their freedom and you can stop worrying that they are stuck indoors all day when you are at work.

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